Nicolas, 3rd dan of the Jinenkan school in France, opened the first Dojo of this organization in France, the Issen-Dojo in Toulouse.

Nicolas is 35 and has been practicing martial arts for more than twenty years. He studied among others karate for 9 years, but also aikido, viet-vo-dao, and naginata-jutsu (Todaha-buko-ryu).

Titulaire d'une Maîtrise LEA Japanese-English, he lived two years in Japan, including one year of university studies, the opportunity to train shorinji-kempo too.

He began the practice of ninjutsu in 1996, and after trying several organizations, he was seducted by Master Manaka's traditionnal and really martial approach, and became his student in 2003.


His wish and goal are that some rare knowledge (even in Japan) don't desappear.


Mario DE MOL


Mario De Mol, 5th dan of the Jinenkan school, is a long-time pupil of Master Manaka. He has practiced martial arts for more than twenty years and his dojo is situated in Ghent in Belgium : the Kounryusui-dojo. He is the highest graded teacher in Europe and heads several training groups across Europe. When our dojo in Toulouse was still a Traing Group, called at that time Kounryusui-shibu-dojo, it was under its technical management, until it became a dojo. But we still ha ve the pleasure to host Mario for seminars.


Note: the Japanese term Kounryusui which we find in both names is a reference to an important principle of our school: literally "move like clouds, flow like water". In other words, move naturally, with the minimal movements and conserving excess strength in the technique.