sabre Manaka sensei et Chad

Every rank is the object of an examination.

  • Kyu : Normally among three (from the 3rd to the 1st). But the level of the 3rd is so difficult for a beginner that most of the dojos added three other preliminary ranks (6th to the 4th). The tests of kyus concern all basic techniques (strikings, rolls, hand-keys and projections)
  • Dan : Go from the 1st to the 9th. Their examination includes certain number of compulsory techniques, mainly katas stemming from traditional schools.

List of the techniques needed for kyu.




The uniform of the beginner until the passage of the 1st dan is a blue marine jacket (like kendo jacket), with a black or navy blue pants, and the belt of the color corresponding to the rank.

From the first Dan, the pants are replaced by navy blue Hakama.

Finally, for the followers from the 3rd Dan, there is a clearer jacket.