Master Unsui Manaka was born in 1945. Having practised judo up to the age of 14, he began Ninjutsu with Master Hatsumi, one of the references on the subject. He became after a few years his most advanced pupil and trained with him for 37 years. He received Menkyo-kaiden in schools Togakure-ryu ninpo and Gyokko-ryu Kosshi-jutsu. He also masters Shindenfudo-ryu Dakentai-jutsu schools, Takagi-Yoshin-ryu Jutai-jutsu; Kukishin-ryu Happo-Biken, and Koto-ryu Koppo-Jutsu. The techniques of different schools which he was able to study and to codify were combined under the generic name of Jinen-Ryu.


Master Manaka was a soldier in the Japanese army. He retired a few years ago to the rank of Lieutenant-colonel.


He established the federation Jinenkan in 1996 with the aim of promoting the development of the Japanese martial arts outside Japan. He lives in Nodashi near Tokyo and frequently visits America and Europe, teaching extensive courses.

In spite of his high level and training, Master Manaka is very humble and understanding to all people whatever their martial level.