jinen-ryu kusari_ technique de chaine du jinenkan

We study the techniques from several ancient schools (koryu). All are not from the nin-jutsu. That is why we use more gladly the term of JISSEN-KOBUDO (Literally " ancient martial arts for real fighting") to indicate more precisely our practice.


We can divide our techniques into three groups :


  • Unarmed combat techniques :

Originated mainly from Koto, Gyokko schools, Takagi and Shindenfudo. They use a whole arsenal of techniques: percussions (feet, fists); projections; dislocations; muto-dori (defense with bare hands against an opponent armed with a knife, with a sword).


  • Techniques with the samurai weapons :

One of the schools that we study, the Kukishin school, is a Sogo-Bujutsu school. It means that it teaches a complete program of martial arts, with techniques of unarmed combat, the wrestling in armor, and the use of a big variety of weapons such as the sword, the lance, the halberd, the various lengthes of sticks, Jutte metsubushi- poudre aveuglante_jinenkan (metallic hook which serves to counter the sword); etc.


  • Typical Techniques of the ninja :

The Togakure school is a school of nin-jutsu dating from the 16th century. The techniques of ninjas, spies of feudal Japan has not changed up to our present day. We utilize among others the use of shuriken (projectiles: stars, points), diverse weapons with chain), ninjato (specific sabre of the ninja), smoke; techniques of movements and dissimulation; aquatic techniques and climbing …